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artist:per andreassen

poem:"Love Song During Riot With Many Voices" by lynda hull

from per:

This past week has been a beautiful one, at least in the Red River Valley where I live. I've been working on a farm, I helped another farmer plant trees over the weekend. And yet my facebook feed is full of scenes of violence. I can feel the cold pressure of a gloved hand on my throat. I feel like a soldier in a trench, my unit held in reserve, staring at a wall of wood and mud, listening to the screams and shells exploding a hundred feet and a world away. 


Poetry is a bridge, I've always thought, connecting the reader to a specific emotional or literal moment. Lynda Hull's Love Song During Riot With Many Voices captures the kinetics and emotional churn of a city in conflict. It has served as a strangely grounding text in these wildly unsettled days.

Portland local David Rovics has a lot of good musical medicine, his song Behind the Barricades seems particularly resonant right now. 

As far as images go, I think we've all been pretty well saturated with them.

I wrote a song after the first couple nights of the uprisings in my hometown of Minneapolis;

**Editors note from Zoe: Upon Per's suggestion of David Rovics, I found some of his music and linked it in the Spotify boxes above.  These were some of my picks from Rovics' 2020 album, but Per did not suggest these particular songs.

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