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artist: maddie ripperger

Maddie Headshot.jpeg

Maddie Ripperger is a performer, director, and educator currently social distancing in Dubuque, IA. As a performer Maddie has traveled the country with the National Theatre for Children and spent time in her home state with The Old Creamery Theatre Company. Maddie recently co-directed 26 Pebbles at her alma mater Dubuque Senior High School. During this quarantine Maddie has spent her time taking long walks, reading, (she highly recommends Under the Rainbow by Celia Laskey and Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld) and spending quality time with family watching silly movies and reruns of Cold Case. In the fall Maddie plans on relocating to Minneapolis where she is excited to see how our artform evolves as creative professionals continue to “be flexible and solve problems.”

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